About Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy Certified Schools provides K -12 schools with an affordable, online solution to seamlessly integrate rich technology education into core content areas. Certified Schools was launched by Digital Media Academy in 2019 building on twenty years delivering technology education to teachers and students.

Digital Media Academy was born in 1999 as the Academy for New Media, in the Academic Technology department at Stanford University training educators on how to bring technology into the classroom. We have since become a leader in STEM and PBL delivering premium hands-on technology education to more than 200,000 students who graduate from top universities and pursue careers at leading technology companies.

Digital Media Academy’s program development is guided by an Advisory Board of experts from leading academic institutions and technology companies. Our network of over 9,000 instructors are experts from the technology and creative industries. Curriculum and instructional quality are ensured through extensive training and support systems.

Digital Media Academy Certified Schools is now being rolled out at hundreds of schools in more than 70 countries. We’re glad you are joining us as we work to empower a million educators to enable one billion students with modern technology education. We look forward to working with you and your school.

“As a teacher new to coding, I enjoyed the step-by-step approach of AI and Machine Learning. I was unfamiliar with coding through Scratch and I enjoyed the process of learning these new skills as much as the students.

Yvonne DeWith, John Knox Christian School

Academic Leadership & Industry Advisory Board

Comprised of experts and leaders from technology companies and leading academic institutions, our industry advisors provide guidance on skill sets and competencies required by technology employers. Our academic experts guide course development and ensure quality of our instructional practice.

Comprised of experts and leaders from technology companies and leading academic institutions.

Prof. Barak Kol

Professor Barak Kol holds a PhD from Stanford University and is also a full professor at Racah Institute of Physics at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Vinicius David

Vinicius David is HP’s Head of Global Sales and Business Development for Device-as-a-Service and was invited to become an instructor at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Karin Qayumi

As Founder and CEO of CanHealth International, Dr. Karin Qayumi brings healthcare education to developing nations free of charge.

Dr. Richard Smith

Dr. Richard Smith is the Director of the Centre for Digital Media, owned by UBC, SFU, BCIT, and Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

General FAQ

1. How long does it take after training to start using Certified Schools?
Immediately after training your educators will have full access to the Certified Schools.
2. Does Digital Media Academy offer a pilot project, not including all school students?
Yes, we offer a pilot option for those that are interested in seeing what Certified Schools can do for their schools, teachers, and students.
3. Can we select some courses or grades (not all) and pay a different rate?
This is available in the Pilot plan.
4. Can we pay by teacher instead of a student? Not all of our teachers will be involved in this new project.
If not all of your teachers will be involved we recommend the Pilot plan.
5. Does the implementation training include any onsite support?
This option is available based on availability in your global region.
6. Can a teacher (not a school) become Certified?
Not at this time. We are considering a number of options for teachers. Please let us know what you are thinking at certification@certifiedschools.com
7. Can we get in touch with other schools to understand the challenges and opportunities they faced during their launches?
We’d love to put you in touch with other schools. With your request we’ll reach out to schools and when they approve it we will connect you. We also have case studies. Learn more here.
8. Do teachers receive any Certificate after finishing the Whole School Implementation?
Yes, we have certificates for teachers who desire them.
9. Do we need to re-certificate our school every year? Does my certification expire after one year?
No, you do not need to recertify your school each year. Certification does not expire.
10. If we need to add or change or Core Team do we have to pay to another Training Session?


“Too much of the teacher training and professional development around technology is being created and delivered by people who are not rooted in the classroom and the curriculum. The Certified Schools Program focuses on creating learning experiences that are a natural fit with existing curricula and helps teachers and students develop skills that can be applied in multiple subjects.”


-Robin Ulster, K-12 Teacher, and Instructional Designer