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Selin O: An Aspiring International Robotics Engineer

The summer of 2019 is a very exciting one for Digital Media Academy. We’re offering new courses and are expecting a whole bunch of new students—some coming from very far away. Each year, hundreds of students join our camps from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This year, an amazingly talented young girl from Turkey is attending our Stanford camp, and we are eager to show her some new skills.

Selin O., 12, is already a talented coder and creator but wants to come to Digital Media Academy to expand her already huge toolbox of skills.

Selin started coding when she was 8. Her interest in building robots began at 7 when her dog Korsan died. As a way to preserve the memory of Korsan, she aspired to make one of her toys come to life and essentially recreate the companionship that her dog provided. Last year, she built ic4u, a guide dog robot to help the blind, and won first place in the hardware category of the Coolest Projects International contest in Dublin, Ireland. She and ic4u were also finalists in the Open Innovation category of the European Youth Awards. Selin is now working on the second version of ic4u using Raspberry Pi and Google technologies such as AIY Voice and AIY Vision. Her biggest dream is to build a humanoid robot and we’re excited to see that she is well on her way.

Selin chose to come to Digital Media Academy and take the Robotics & Engineering Academy because she wants to learn more about Python and robotics with other students her age that have the same intense passion she does. She hopes that a shared passion can turn into lifelong friendships and lots of robot-related collaboration. She dreams about studying engineering at Stanford or MIT one day, and we want to help her make that dream come true.

This summer we are beyond excited to have kids like Selin coming to camp to learn all they can about technology. We pride ourselves on giving kids a fun and hands-on summer camp experience where they can learn from each other, develop passions for new things, and have a blast doing it.

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