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Silicon Valley STEM education market leader Digital Media Academy announces new ownership

  • Digital Media Academy Inc. (DMA), a Silicon Valley based firm founded in 2002 at Stanford University, DMA is an education company that has successfully built its reputation as the thought-leader in tech education for kids, teens and teachers at prestigious universities across the U.S. and Canada. DMA offers year-round learning around the globe via its online program, educator professional development, and curriculum licensing.
  • DMA education Inspires and creates the next generation of tech talents. All DMA academic programs prepare students for future career opportunities and engage learners through making and creative play. DMA programs are led by the highly qualified instructors using the latest technologies.
  • Digital Media Academy Inc. will operate as Digital Media Academy Limited Partnership. The founder of DMA, Phil Gibson will continue to lead as CEO of the company. The US based company is an education resource hub driven by its mandate to put quality education within the reach of learners of all ages around the globe. Through acquisition and partnership with reputable education institutions and consultants, the company holds exclusive rights to market innovative programs and services globally through its extensive network within the education sector.
  • The new owners, Addquire Private Equity and Silicon Valley Education LLC, a company of Grupo SEB will add years of experience in the education sector to the operation. SEB, with over 50 years of experience within the education sector, is the one of the largest educational groups in K-12 Brazilian market. With more than 90,000 students, SEB represents some of the best-known brands in the Brazilian education market. Addquire is Western Canada’s premier private equity firm with an unique focus on alternative successor solutions. In partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada and experienced Board of Advisors, Addquire are building a strong and diverse portfolio. The founder of Addquire, Andre Nudelman, has created a large franchise of over one hundred Maple Bear Schools across Latin America which was recently sold to MB Canada, a subsidiary of SEB.

The new owners cited this acquisition as its strategic entry into the global STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education market. The explosive global demand for quality STEM programs is fueled by the increased awareness by parents that they need to prepare their children for the evolving digital economy. Research has shown learning at early stage will provide children a competitive advantage in higher education. According to, a consortium concerned with STEM education and the future of human capital in the United States, 20% of U.S. jobs require significant STEM knowledge and skills and over the next 10 years, the demand for scientists and engineers is expected to increase 4x the rate as other occupation. This projection is applicable globally.

During its target search for acquisition, DMA stands out in its cutting-edge academic products and the exceptional level of customer satisfaction. DMA has secured its leadership position in the target market with its ability to develop and deliver courses ahead of its competitors. Currently DMA offers an extensive course roster covering Robotics + Engineering, Programming + Coding, Game Design + Development, Music Production, 3D Modeling + Design, and Filmmaking + Photography.

Under the new ownership, Digital Media Academy will accelerate its business strategy implementation to increase its North America market share in premium tech education at prestigious universities and global online and on-site learning programs. The founder of DMA, Phil Gibson will continue to lead as CEO of the company, supported by a highly skilled and dedicated core team at head office and key North American regional locations, together with instructors, directors, and counsellors at program sites.

For DMA customers, the company will continue its commitment to provide a premium level of customer experience backed up by strong financial investment and veterans in the education sector. DMA tech education bridges the gap in the existing school system in inspiring next generation of creative and inquisitive citizens. Kids today are immersed in digital devices and know how to use them but what is required is more: the knowledge to invent and innovate. Through personalized learning, positive feedback and state-of-the-art learning environment, the program helps students develop innovative skills and know how to apply technologies to solve real-world problems.  With early age participating in DMA programs, the young minds learn to love and excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Registration for 2018 Summer Camp is now open: check out our new pricing and cutting-edge courses such as AI & Machine Learning, Data Science, and Cybersecurity.

For DMA’s extended community of instructors and partners, the company will leverage on the successes of its core summer program and expand its global programs. We look forward to your participation during this exciting expansion phase of the company.



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Director of Sales & Marketing
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Director of Strategic Partnerships
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