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Spring Break Is All About Pursuing Your Passion

History, Languages, Philosophy and more school subjects enable students to build an important foundation of knowledge. Most students’ interests and passions, however, extend far beyond the classroom.

Spring break offers a limited-time opportunity for young people to explore avenues of learning that truly excite them, from rock climbing to computer programming.

For the young programmer, or anyone aged 9 to 18 with an interest in digital art, music, entrepreneurship or technology, Digital Media Academy’s spring break virtual camps offer the opportunity of a lifetime to dive deeply into a passion – one that could even become a rewarding career.

Here is a closer look at Digital Media Academy’s spring break virtual camps – how we nurture young learners’ interests, setting them up for future success.

A Quality Education Is So Much More Than a Transfer of Knowledge

Digital Media Academy fosters deep learning in digital media fields in a way that enables students to apply their knowledge in many different settings – a vital and under-supported skill for today’s students.

All Digital Media Academy courses are developed with the same guiding philosophy:

  • that world-class instructors, teaching a world-class curriculum will produce world-class results,
  • that curriculum should be research-based and developed by both industry and educational experts,
  • that students in 2022 must be prepared for a global workplace with well-honed technical skills, regardless of which career they choose to pursue,
  • that our programs and courses must be accessible and inclusive,
  • that education should be engaging, hands-on and applicable to the real world,
  • that social-emotional learning is as important as technical skill development and that students’ emotional well being is a top priority,
  • and that education should be student-centered and address the needs and aptitudes of each learner.

Following these guiding principles,   to enrich each student’s learning, help them develop real-world skills in their STEAM-focused areas of interest, foster their interest and curiosity, and encourage their social and emotional development.

The Possibilities Are Endless

They say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Many of our students participate in a spring break virtual camp because they love something – perhaps drawing, coding, or music. What our instructors offer is a way to harness that enthusiasm and build it into future-ready skills.

From early enthusiasts to budding young professionals, the opportunities that Digital Media Academy’s Spring-break virtual camps offer form the building blocks of success:

  • The opportunity to learn from world-class instructors who are leaders in their field
  • The opportunity to develop professional skills and leadership traits that can’t be found in textbooks
  • The opportunity to develop aptitudes and skills that are future-proof and transferable to a broad spectrum of applications
  • The opportunity to practice digital citizenship and safety in an ever more digital landscape
  • The opportunity to develop the 6 Cs of education: Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.

Perhaps the best way to learn about the impact of our approach is to hear from some of our students’ parents and guardians. Here are some of the things they’ve had to say:

“DMA has been a wonderful experience for my son. Not only was he paired with an industry professional who was willing and able to create a lesson plan based on his specifications, but Jamie and the team listened closely to his feedback and were very willing to adjust plans accordingly. This is an excellent program with a talented and child-focused staff.”

-Allie Simmons

“I think the program my son was enrolled in was excellent. I am so happy that it was offered in an online format because it made it easier for my son to attend. I highly recommend digital media academy. We have enrolled in many of its camps over the years.”

-April Platt

“Our daughter has been very inspired by this class and has enjoyed it immensely. It’s a small group, which can have its challenges, but the instructor seems well-equipped to keep the kids engaged and learning.”

-Janellen Meyer

Is Your Child Ready to Explore Their Passion?

Is your child interested in a STEAM field such as computer science, artificial intelligence, music production or entrepreneurship? Would they benefit from world-class instruction with a globally diverse cohort of their peers? Consider reserving their spot in a Digital Media Academy Spring-break virtual camp today!