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Stay Overnight This Summer!

Spending the Night at Our Summer Tech Camps Offers Incredible Opportunities

Make New Friends

Part of what makes going away to camp special is being able to make new friends and experience things you may not otherwise have a chance to at home. Staying overnight at a DMA camp is even more special; combining the best camp ever with a pre-collegiate experience at some of the top universities in the world. Here’s a look at some of the events and activities you can expect this summer.

Live the Life of a College Student

For teens in our Overnight Housing program, their camp experience is much more than the projects they create. Students get a chance to stay in the university dorms and residential buildings. This gives them a taste of what life is like as a university student. After being paired with a roommate, students will get to meet new friends and experience a number of exciting activities and trips. One of the most important activities for our students is exploring the campus. The highlight of staying on-campus is being able to get out and explore the wonderful campuses on college tours. These experiences can have a huge impact on decisions like what major to choose or even what college to attend after high school.

Weekend excursions and campus tours.

Amazing Food on Site!

While exploring the campus can be fun and informative, sometimes you may just want to kick back with some friends. Well, our camp counselors have you covered! Each evening after courses conclude, our campers get to enjoy some of the amazing food offered at the dining halls and restaurants on-campus. Dining hall staff prepare a variety of well-prepared and healthy food options, catering to different cultures, diets, and food allergies. Students get to enjoy a number of awesome after-camp activities. One night you may have a game night and play video games, board games, or go outside to play basketball or soccer. Another night you may go out to see a movie in theaters or in the dorm common area while enjoying a catered meal. One of our favorite nights is the talent show and ice cream party. Hosted by our wonderful camp counselors, students will get to show off their many talents and enjoy the entertainment provided by their peers.

More Fun Activities During the Weekend!

In addition to the Overnight program, we also have a Weekend Stay option for students who are staying through the weekend in-between their weeks at camp. Over the weekend, students will have even more fun activities to do. Depending on what’s near the campus, students could find themselves at an amusement park, on a hike, exploring a local museum, art gallery, aquarium, or even going to the beach. For students who stay through the weekend, being able to explore the surrounding cities and national parks helps them to experience an even larger piece of what college life is like, all while under the care and guidance of our qualified camp counselors.

Camp Counselors provide fun, engaging, and safe activities.

Our overnight counselors are incredibly qualified and gifted in providing fun experiences for teens while also engaging with them in meaningful ways. They’ll act as guidance counselors, mentors, older siblings, and most importantly, the first line of support for any needs our campers need. Starting on Sunday when campers arrive, our camp counselors will guide them to their dorm rooms, take them to and from the campus dining halls, organize fun activities, and be there to solve any problems, no matter how late it gets.

Interested in attending a DMA camp and staying overnight? Here’s a list of all the 2019 locations that currently have housing available.

Stanford University
Stanford, California

UC San Diego
La Jolla, California

University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Austin, Texas

University of Houston
Houston, Texas

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

George Washington University
Washington D.C.

University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

To learn more about our overnight housing option, click here.

We can’t wait to see you this summer!

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