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Tech Accelerators @ Stratford Hall



Stratford Hall and Digital Media Academy are excited to announce a new and exclusive offering for Stratford Hall students. Gain access to Digital Media Academy’s renowned Tech Accelerator programs, facilitated by industry-leading teachers and curriculum designers. Each course takes place after school, once-a-week and in-person on Stratford Hall’s campus.

Program Information:

Ages: 12-18

Dates: Apr 25 to Jun 16

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Times: 3:45-5:15pm

Instructional Time: 15h over 8 weeks

Location: Stratford Hall campus

Whether you’ve already worked out your life’s track or are trying out a new passion, Tech Accelerators bring you a step closer to your future.

Registration Deadline: Apr 10

We have entered the fourth industrial revolution

Many of you will work in jobs that are yet to be invented. So how can we prepare you for the unexpected?


Delve deep into the technical and creative skills of tomorrow


Take on applied portfolio projects and develop professional thinking


Recognised Digital Credentials


Industry– and university-ready

Every young person deserves to learn the STEAM and professional skills that will future-proof them for the cyber-physical industries of the 21st-century.

Our methods and results have been studied and endorsed by research departments from universities, independent education associations, and global brands.


What you get?

Focus on cutting-edge digital skill development

Guaranteed max class size of 10

99.6% customer satisfaction (sector leading)

The very best instructors

Long-term sequential learning journey

Applied portfolio projects

Artificial Intelligence Level 1

Applications Programming & Web Development with Python & HTML/CSS

Learn to problem-solve like a computer scientist and code like a software engineer using Python, the world’s most in-demand programming language. Develop an understanding of challenging concepts such as programming best practices, conditionals, Object-oriented programming (OOP) and Integrated Development Environments (IDE).

Part 1 of a 2-part course.

2D Animation Level 1

Digital Drawing & Design with Adobe Photoshop

Take your drawing and illustration skills from paper to digital, understanding the principles of life-drawing, perspective and composition. Understand how to design backgrounds and characters that work well when animated. Develop the art of storytelling by thinking sequentially to create storyboards. Apply industry-standard techniques in Adobe Photoshop using a drawing tablet throughout.

Part 1 of a 2-part course.

Business Level 1

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Your journey to becoming one of tomorrow’s great business leaders launches here. Define your vision, generate business ideas and embody the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Understand business plans and the business model canvas, including revenue, value proposition and lean design thinking.

Part 1 of a 2-part course.


Build your Portfolio with a coveted Digital Media Academy Digital Credential

Our Digital Credentials provide recognized, unforgeable evidence of your completion and attainment at Digital Media Academy. They are public-facing, supporting instantaneous posting to LinkedIn, Github and other professional sites, and stackable, allowing you to demonstrate your life-long journey through education and employment. Other early adopters of micro-credentialing include UNESCO, MIT, the University of California, Upper Canada College, Havergal College, and the Government of Ontario (investing $60million over three years from 2020), among many others.

The Tech Accelerator journey

Level 1+ Build your Future-key Portfolio, adding university- and employer-ready evidence at every Level


Level 3+ Take on Briefs from real clients, pitch your ideas and meet their very real-world expectations


Level 5+ Get placed with your very own Pro Mentor. Over several ‘virtual coffee sessions’, discuss professional life and get invaluable 1:1 feedback.


Level 7+ Meet and present your portfolio to Digital Media Academy’s extensive network of universities and employers.