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Student Success Story: David L. – The Mixing Master

David hates being away from summer camp.

David says, “My mix was chosen to be the official Sony-released remix out of over 2,000 remix entries. I still use the same mixing techniques that I learned at Digital Media Academy. They work for every genre I try, whether it be hip-hop, trap, pop, or future bass.”

David L. (age 13), enrolled in our Electronic Music Production Academy last summer at Stanford University. Keep on reading to learn more about his journey from Digital Media Academy to Sony Music!

David was eager to share his musical journey to Sony with us. So we decided to interview him so that his story can inspire all our new Music Production students.


Why were you interested in signing up for the Electronic Music Production Academy? Had you taken any previous courses at Digital Media Academy before?

“I started music production two years ago in sixth grade. I was eleven back then, and I started self-teaching myself the basics of Logic Pro X and music production. After a year of being self-taught, I decided to take my skills to the next level. I was eager to learn from industry professionals.

I researched many different music production studios and media classes, but Digital Media Academy really caught my attention. Many Digital Media Academy alumni that I knew would say a lot of good things about the camp. The opportunity to work with people with the same interests as me sounded great! Therefore, I chose to enroll in the Electronic Music Production courses hosted at Stanford University. In the past, I had many mixing and mastering problems with my final tracks, so I was excited to learn more about music production. This was going to be my first time taking a DMA course. I had high hopes, and I am happy to say I was not disappointed!”

What was your experience with the instructors and staff at Digital Media Academy? Did you have a favorite instructor?

“The Electronic Music Production with Ableton course was taught by Adam Lansky. Adam had worked as an audio engineer for decades and had experience working with many clients. As a result, he taught the other students and I the fundamentals of mixing and mastering. From leveling to EQs to reverbs and saturation, we learned it all! He also taught us ways to improve our mixes using plugins and a dash of creativity.”

How did the skills you gained in the Electronic Music Production Academy impact your eventual work for Sony Music?

“I learned many ways to improve my workflow. This included the usage of MIDI controllers and keyboard shortcuts in Ableton and Logic Pro X. I also learned advanced mixing techniques like parallel compression and the usage of auxiliary tracks.”

Can you describe how your learning experience at Digital Media Academy has impacted your life?

“This course was a great opportunity to make friends and collaborate with others. Besides making new friendships, I created a song named “Azalea” with my colleague, Nico GB. The song has amassed over 15,000 plays to date.

The skills I learned at DMA were especially helpful when I created the song that got me a Sony contract. The song was a remix for Hyro the Hero’s song “Bullet”.The original project file for the remix had over 120 different sounds playing at once, but I was able to fit everything in the mix and keep enough headroom for mastering using Adam Lansky’s mixing techniques.

My mix was chosen to be the official Sony-released remix out of over 2,000 remix entries. I still use the same mixing techniques that I learned at Digital Media Academy today. These techniques work for every genre I try, whether it be hip-hop, trap, pop, or future bass. I’m not the only one with a success story, either. I know one of my colleagues produced for Blocboy JB, and another one is making thousands of dollars off of selling beats!”

David ended the interview by saying, “I believe that a complete beginner can come out of this course knowing how to create a professional track!” If you are interested in diving into the world of music, take it from David and sign up for our Electronic Music Production course this summer! In this course, you can produce your own beats and EDM tracks, just like David did!

Check out David’s Portfolio (dramatic sound effects):
Yung & Reckless (Original/single)
Welcome to the Party (Remix)
Azalea (Collaboration with Nico GB)
Bullet (Hyro the Hero/Sony music official remix)


Special thanks to David for sharing his success and tracks with us! We are glad he is a part of our big Alumni family. 

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