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The Five Best Upcoming Animated Films

2018 was a great year for animated filmsIncredibles 2Isle of Dogs, and Into The Spider-Verse all knocked it out of the park. This coming year there are even more amazing films set to be released, and I think a lot of people may not realize how many. Obviously we’re getting a slew of sequels including Lego Movie 2, another How to Train Your DragonLION KINGFrozen 2, and Toy Story 4. In addition to those there are also a whole slew of original films that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. Here is a list I compiled of the original animated films I am most excited about.


Missing link

Missing Link

Let’s kick it off with one of the ones I’ve been most excited for! Missing Link is a stop motion animated film from the studio Laika who are responsible for CoralineParanormanBoxtrolls, and Kubo. And yes, those were all stop motion as well! A lot of my students are surprised when I tell them that, so here’s a little peak at how they made Paranorman (one of my all time favorites!) Notice what software they’re using @0:35? That’s Maya, what we teach in our 3D Modeling & Character Animation courses. Starring Hugh Jackman and Zach Galifianakis, it’s supposed to be a comedic romp as they discover the living remnant of the link between man and ape. A must see when it comes to theaters May 10, 2019.


family adams

Addams Family

This Halloween we’re getting a new story from one of my favorite creepy and kooky families, the Addams Family *snap* *snap*

Being created by the new Vancouver branch of Cinesite (previously Nitrogen Studios) and written by Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride, Monster House.) It has been heavily influenced by the original cartoons and it looks really exciting! I mean, just look at those characters! Does Pugsly even have a nose? Is this the best Gomez yet? Uncle Fester is literally a circle! I’m too excited for this one. There’s not too much info out on this yet, but the planned release date is October 18, 2019.


disney animation spy

Spies in Disguise

In September, we’re getting a look at the newest spy comedy coming the theaters!

I have a real good feeling for Spies in Disguise. Created by the ever hilarious and talented Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who, Peanuts Movie, Robots) this one is going to be a gutbuster. Starring Will Smith and Tom Holland (Spiderman’s in it, what more reason do you need?) It’s got good voice acting and the story sets the stage for ridiculous and hilarious shenanigans.

Also, it’s based on one of my all-time favorite animated short film, “Pigeon: Impossible” which was a big inspiration to create the Studios: 3D Animated Short Film Production, where we create an animated short film just like Pigeon: Impossible, but instead of 6 years (YEP, look it up) it only takes us 10 days!



This is one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. As far as I know, it’s a strange retelling of the story of Santa Claus, but even more importantly, LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!

Animator and director Sergio Pablos has had a long and amazing career as a character designer. He designed the characters for A Goofy Movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, and many more. But that’s not all, he’s responsible for Despicable Me!

The film is being animated by hand. Although 2D animation has stuck around in the form of many beautiful movies and TV shows, it’s been vastly done using software as the main tool due to time and budget constraints. So it’s pretty special when someone starts talking about a new feature film animated the same way all of your favorite original Disney movies were animated.

If you like this guys work, he posts a lot of great videos to YouTube talking about his process and providing priceless guidance. Pablos has managed to produce a beautiful and spectacular film that will release on Netflix at Christmas time.

And if you want to learn how to make your own 2D animated films, we have an awesome course called 2D Animation & Digital Illustration


wish dragon

Wish Dragon

Who loves Jackie Chan? Just kidding, obviously everyone. Which is why I’m really excited for this new film from Sparkle Roll (Jackie Chan’s China based animation studio) and Sony Pictures. There’s not much out on this one yet, but the concept drawings they’ve released look amazing and the cast is incredible. Starring Constance Wu, Jackie Chan, John Cho, and tons more. Including a favorite of mine, Jimmy Wong of Game Knights & RocketJump fame!

There’s more photos on the IMDb page, go check them out. They’re beautiful!

So that about sums it up! There’s so many more great animated films on the horizon that I’d end up writing all day, but keep an eye out for these and feel free to kick up a discussion in the comments!

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