Washington, D.C. Tech Camps

Digital Media Academy is proud to host educational summer camps on George Washington University’s beautiful Mount Vernon campus. The campus offers amazing classrooms, equipped with all the tech needed to provide high-quality learning experiences. Students age 9 to 18 will feel inspired as they learn important STEM skills such as coding, robotics, video game design, and artificial intelligence all while getting a head start on a portfolio that can put them on the path to college.

Being on GWU’s campus is truly an amazing experience as it sits near the heart of America’s capitol buildings. Walking between buildings only takes a few minutes and students may find themselves exploring while working on projects or on a break between classes. GWU is the perfect place to explore your interests and make new friends.

GWU Campus Facts

Founded in 1821, George Washington University was originally called “The Columbian College in the District of Columbia.” Due to its location in U.S. Capital, GWU has its fair share of political alumni, including, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Eric Cantor, 18 state governors, and many members of Congress. Outside of politics, alumni such as Edward Teller (creator of the hydrogen bomb), Alec Baldwin (actor, 30 Rock), and Chuck Todd (NBC News) all attended GWU.

GWU is known for its dedication to its school of international affairs, the college of arts and sciences, and its school of business. The graduate programs include the GWU Medical School and Law School as well as the GWU Graduate School of Political Management. The 25,000 students who attend GWU are inspired by the legacy it holds and its alumni who continue to change the world.

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