Seattle Tech Camps

Our Digital Media Academy community at the University of Washington is one of the strongest and most diverse, reflecting the culture in the surrounding Seattle area. Our staff is committed to bringing the highest level of tech education to our campers while enjoying the beautiful Seattle campus.

Our staff is made up of working tech professionals and STEM educators who range from computer science teachers to Maya college professors. At our Seattle summer camps, elementary, middle school and high school students can develop their filmmaking skills, design a new video game, code an app, or model and print a 3D design. Our staff’s commitment to education allows them to guide students as they work on projects, and mentor them through bringing their own unique ideas to life. Our courses are designed with 21st-century skills in mind – focusing on teaching creativity, collaboration, and communication. Students will learn to work with their peers while exploring different approaches to problem-solving.

University of Washington Campus Facts

Founded in 1861, University of Washington is one of the oldest public universities on the West Coast. UW is known for its discoveries made by students. These include bubblegum, vinyl, synthetic rubber, the color TV and more. Alumni such as Beverly Cleary, Chuck Close, and Bonnie Dunbar have all left a legacy on UW that continues to motivate its students.

In 1970, the UW campus and students organized an event called “World’s First Trash-in” which led to Seattle becoming a world leader in recycling. Students brought trash from home and separated it into glass, metal, paper, and plastic in an effort to educate and innovate the way we handle waste. The 643 acre campus in Seattle also reaches around the world to more than 50 locations in more than 10 countries.

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