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Uplyft + Made By Girls

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we’d like to talk about one of our more meaningful partnerships that allows us at DMA to give back. In 2015, we launched our Made By Girls program in order to create more and better opportunities for girls in the tech industry. Through MBG, we have had the opportunity to partner with a number of great organizations, like Unity, Microsoft, Google, and CLO to create unique courses and events with the goal of growing a community of support for girls and women. One of these awesome organizations is Lyft and their own internal resource group for women, Uplyft.

Over the summer, our Made By Girls students became pen pals with women at Uplyft. Through email, students and professionals got to trade stories about things they are learning in their programming course and comparing them with the work these awesome women were doing for their careers in STEM. Being able to speak to a role model is one of the core tenets of our Made By Girls program, as doing so allows our students to become more confidant and inspired to pursue a role in the tech industry.

made by girls uplyft

We’re excited to continue working with people like Uplyft to provide unique and valuable experiences for our students. Our Made By Girls program is just one initiative that brings career-focused education to our students. Stay tuned as we expand upon the many opportunities and educational experiences that DMA is bringing in 2018. If you’re interested in contributing or want to get involved with our Made By Girls program, contact us!

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