Digital Media Academy

What does a typical Tech Accelerator lesson look like?

Most classes begin with ‘Connect’. The Connect stage could include questions on key content from previous learning, a relationship or community building activity, or an inspirational image or quote that sparks thinking. In any case, the brain is activated from the start (no student should be kept waiting task-less while tech issues are resolved or the attendance register completed!)

Lessons then continue with ‘Apply’ – interactive instruction, modelling or analysis led by the instructor in collaboration with the students. An example would be a section on kick drum compression in a Music Production lesson. After this, learners will actively ‘Demonstrate’ what they’ve learnt through creation and skill development. We then have a short comfort break.

Learners then share what they have been developing and receive peer- and tutor “feed-forward” (that’s our word for feedback, but we like to think about the next actionable step!). All learners are involved in giving and receiving, and the use of accurate terminology is encouraged throughout.

Learner-led project time then continues, informed by the “feed-forward” received. The instructor checks in regularly with each learner, awarding a Shout-out to any learner highlighting a desired professional trait.

Finally, in preparation for the next session, learners’ understanding/skill in the next session’s topic is diagnosed. (The specific content and challenge level are adapted accordingly before the session.)

Class dismissed!