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Global Innovation Race

2024 Application

Registration Ends May 31st

Join the international call to action for students across the globe

and design solutions that will shape the future.

Digital Media Academy

Global Innovation Race 2024

Led by leading educators and industry experts, Digital Media Academy has been preparing the next generation of global leaders with world-class STEAM programs since 1999. Join our global youth innovator community for a summer experience that will shape your future.

Immerse yourself in the world of AI and emerging tech, exploring their role in driving innovation. Engage in solving global challenges while honing your design, social, and entrepreneurial skills. Draw inspiration from local tech scenes and diverse cultures. Build a global network, forge lifelong friendships, and create indelible memories—all within an experience tailored for 13-17-year-olds.

Our programs have been taught in world-renowned institutions like Stanford, NYU, Georgetown, UCLA, Oxford, and McGill University. Today, we’ve left our mark in over 1,000 schools across 125 countries, introducing 500,000+ students to the world of STEAM.

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