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Our methods and results have been studied and endorsed by research departments from universities,
independent education associations, and global brands.
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Research-Based Evaluation

Our methods and results have been studied and endorsed by research departments from universities, independent education associations, and global brands.

“The survey data pointed to a positive increase in students’ attitudes towards digital media and technology. The results suggest that students’ largely had a positive experience with Digital Media Academy that encouraged their continued participation with STEM learning activities."

Stanford Graduate School of Education

“The results of the survey demonstrate that 96% of students agreed or strongly agreed that their learning and attitudes toward STEAM improved as a result of Digital Media Academy Camps experience, and 92% of the students recommend Digital Media Academy programs to others.”

EPIC STEM Evaluation Services at The University of Texas at Austin

"The courses offered in the Digital Media Academy are well suited to enable students to understand how technology can be used to amplify their learning. The courses are well designed for the intended audiences, clearly organized for easy navigation, involve hands-on activities, include real-world projects and problems and are highly professional in presentation.”

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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“Digital Media Academy enables schools to prepare students with the skills they need for their future. It’s not just an online curriculum, it’s a whole program with support and structure that allows schools to make the most of the STEAM content and ensure they get the results they were aiming for.”

Dina Ghobashy Sr. Manager, Education Leadership at Microsoft

“Digital Media Academy offers comprehensive programs well-versed in technology, the courses are upgraded at regular intervals and the view things from a learner’s perspective too. We decided to partner with Digital Media Academy because they offered the best STEAM program available in the market.”

Latifa Al-Khalifa Franchisee Bahrain

“Digital Media Academy program was dynamic and comprehensive and included several hands-on experiments. Working with students across the globe presented technical challenges and the Digital Media Academy Team was flexible and responsive.”

Mary Helmig Vice President - Legacy International

    “Digital Media Academy programs and methodology inclined and oriented towards Job Specific Contents and aligned with the challenges induced by the recent shift in paradigm toward digital revolution based on elite Standards.”

    Deniz Kara Franchisee UAE

    Digital Media Academy programs afford our students the oppotunity to expand their inquiries and abilities in the fields of tomorrow. Each course is facilitated and designed by expert educator-professionals who create scpace for our students to delve deep into the careers of the futher.

    Gareth Jones Vice Principal-Stratford Hall

    As a teacher new to coding, I enjoyed the step-by-step approach of AI and Machine Learning. I was unfamiliar with coding through Scratch and I enjoyed the process of learning these new skills as much as the students.

    Yvonne DeWith John Knox Christian School

      Student Testimonials

      Our methods and results have been studied and endorsed by research departments from
      universities, independent education associations, and global brands.

      “My son joined the AI program - it was all new to him but he left knowing the software very well. He was excited to share and explain everything he learned, which was rare to see coming from him. I’m thrilled with the outcome.”

      Magaly, Parent

      “DMA camps are a great way to get involved with STEM as it provides hands-on experience.”

      Daniel, Student

      “Overall it was the best experience. DMA’s staff made everything very easy for us and guided us a lot.”

      John, Parent

      “It was really cool how fast everything moved along and how much I learned in such a short amount of time.”

      Emily, Student

      “My son is interested in very little. He told me “I loved it.” High praise. Showed up to class on time. Stayed the whole session. Unheard of for him. Teacher was excellent. I’m thrilled.”

      Zuzu, Parent

      “I was able to pick up a lot of things and refresh my skills. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone starting out with photography and photoshop.”

      Sean, Student

        Student Portfolios

        “I love that there are so many aspects of the art form, from base skills to pre-post production, explored on this
        Tech Accelerator. Many people aren’t aware of how vast the career possibilities are in the animation industry.”

        Jenna Brown | Technical Lead,Wildbrain Studios