Digital Media Academy

Create Your Own AI Powered ChatBot

A STEAM activity for students aged 11+

By the end of this project students will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Recognise the importance and prevalence of AI in our daily lives

  • Create a simple AI ChatBot using Scratch & Machine Learning

  • Use data sets to ‘teach’ and improve apps that respond to human interaction

  • Reflect on the limitations and challenges of using AI in understanding and responding to human emotions.

Independently verified by ISTE Student Standards
Microsoft Showcase School
Next Generation Science Standards Aligned
Independently verified by EPIC STEM Evaluation Services at The University of Texas at Austin Texas Advanced Computing Center
STEM Authenticated Educational Product
Computer Science Teachers Association Standards Aligned

About Digital Media Academy

Led by Stanford educators and industry experts, the Digital Media Academy has been preparing the next generation of global leaders with world-class STEAM programs since 1999.

Our programs have been taught in world-renowned institutions like Stanford, NYU, Georgetown, UCLA, Oxford, and McGill University. Today, we’ve left our mark in over 1,000 schools across 125 countries, introducing 500,000+ students to the world of STEAM.

Our vision is a world where STEAM education is the standard in all K-12 schools globally. Through cutting-edge experiences, we aim to unlock the full potential of every school, educator, and student and prepare the next generation of global leaders to succeed in a digital future.

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