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Transformative Curriculum for Technology Education

Our K-12 curriculum is customized for students of every age and empowers educators to enable all students’ technology education with incredible resources, training, and support.



Awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment



"The ISTE Seal of Alignment program recognizes edtech products for their alignment to the ISTE Standards. When you see the seal, you’ll know the resource or tool provides a high-quality, standards-aligned learning experience that enhances students’ digital age skills."

Read ISTE's complete findings and report.

Customized for Every Learner

Our courses are designed to meet the diverse needs of students from K-12, while being responsive to the different levels of knowledge and experience of every teacher.


From the Past to the Future

Traditionally, we have been preparing students for 20th-century learning centered around core subjects such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. Certified Schools courses provide educators and students with an integrated technology education integrating 21st-century learning into 20th-century subjects seamlessly.

In the 21st century, educators are shifting their focus from preparing students for the 20th-century to preparing students for the future. This is reflected in a focus on STEAM, PBL, 21st-century skills (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) and enabling self-directed learners. Certified Schools lessons are designed not only to prepare students for the future we know but also the yet to be known future of learning, work, and education.

Digital Media Academy’s Learning Framework

With 20 years of experience developing and delivering technology education, Digital Media Academy’s curriculum has been developed around six learning pathways. Students will develop interdisciplinary skills while collaborating on real-world projects opening pathways to their future.

Engaging Relevant Technology Lessons

Instructional materials are media-rich, age appropriate and timely to engage the entire class in transformative learning experiences. Course content offers a broad range of topics, discussion, activities, and projects to foster group collaboration, creative experimentation, and interest-based learning.  

Extensive Educator Resources & Training

Our courses contain multiple modules, lessons, activities, assessments and more tools for educators to easily integrate with their existing courses and lessons. Supporting materials for teachers include teaching strategy guides, course training videos, cross-curricular integration maps, lesson-ready materials, standards alignment to curriculum, formative assessments, rubrics and much more. 

Preview our “Fun with Robots” course for grades 3 – 5.

Interactive Learning to Make Technology

All courses make use of high quality, web-based software that works seamlessly on basic computers and tablets. Custom video content, interactive assignments, and projects give students a hands-on learning experience that starts unplugged and teaches students how to make technology not just how to use technology.


Curriculum is Aligned with Leading International Standards


All Certified Schools courses have been built and designed by educators in alignment with global standards for technology and education.


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